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Create flash banner with spinning text animated SWF effect! Swf banner creator can create flash banners with exotic letters from non-presented here alphabets. Combine one simple letter and a few diacritical characters for creation of complex letter.

See list of diacritical characters and all available accents any tildas, umlauts supported by online bannermaker service.

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Wiper text
Dancing text
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Escaping text
Squirming text
Wrapping letters
Spinning text
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S1 Special characters
S2 Decorative
DI Diacritics
AR Armenian
GR Greek
RU Russian
TH Thai
HG Hiragana
KK Katakana
HI Hindi
BN Bengali
GU Gujarati
PA Punjabi
KN Kannada
ML Malayalam
OR Oriya
SI Sinhalese
TA Tamil
TE Telugu
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